• Simple or Armed Vigiles.
  • Vigiles versatile (guarding against fire and fight).
  • Dog hundlers
  • Hostess and Home Agents.
  • Managerial staff: The quality of a team is through the rigor of the supervision, motivation and accuracy of execution of the mission, The framework provides control of all personnel, he takes the necessary decisions to customer satisfaction and proper functioning of the team after having listened and discussed the proposals of each.

Material and technical means

For the purpose of its activities SAG ES-SALEM provides:

  • A conventional armament and ammunition.
  • A transmission equipment quality.
  • Staffing for each individual mission.
  • A workshop for the installation and maintenance of electronic control and surveillance (Remote - Remote-Anti-Intrusion - Detector portico - Scanner for baggage and vehicles Plis - Transmission and Centralization).

Staff abilities

Our staff is selected according to strict criteria on proof of appropriate training.

Recruited after successful tests, our protection and safety are subject to cycles of training provided by specialists.

For reliability of supply,SAG ES SALEM agent is prepared to adapt to all situations and cope with all

with all eventualities.