Existing in Algiers, Oran, Constantine and Hassi Messaoud, SAG ES SALEM is one of the guard and security companies that proved its know how in many fields.institutions and companies of all sizes and all sectors entrust us for the security of their facilities and properties ;

Algerian company of guarding and security "ES-SALEM", is a limited liability company authorized by the Ministry of the Interior by order of 10 November 1999, leave "C" (A + B) granted under the provisions of Article 3 paragraph 1 of Executive Decree N ° 94.65 of 19 March 1994 Thanks to its approval SAG SALEM ES is empowered to perform the work of guarding and security of persons and goods throughout all national territory.



• Caretaking and guarding

• Transportation funds and sensitive products

• Assistance, advice and safety audits.


- Industrial areas
- Building sites
- Stores, shopping malls, hypermarkets
- Malls
- Cultural and sporting events
- Concerts, festivals, theaters
- Private
- Banks
- Embassies
- Establishments
- Seminars
- Campsites, car parks, ports
- Interventions on alarms
- Conferences
- Security guard at individuals

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